Zero Emission Trucks For Logistics

Clean Logistics has presented its first hydrogen-powered zero-emission truck to the public, in Hamburg. With ‘fyuriant’, Clean Logistics is heralding a new era in the field of environmentally friendly solutions for road freight transport and reaching another important milestone in its corporate history. Last summer, the company handed over the first converted bus with fuel cell hydrogen drive in public transportation in Europe. This is now also possible for heavy semi-trailer tractors of 40 tons.

The trucks boast ground-breaking technology. The first fyuriant is equipped, among other things, with two hydrogen fuel cells with 2×120 kW output and hydrogen tanks with a volume of 43 kg. This ensures a sufficiently high range of over 400 km and short refuelling times of less than 15 minutes. The rear axle, which is equipped with wheel hub motors, has a maximum torque of 17,000 Nm, which provides the truck with the appropriate power in any driving situation. The intelligent control system developed in- house by Clean Logistics enables an efficient control of the overall system in every driving situation. The energy recovered during braking, for instance, is temporarily stored in a battery and made available again for the next acceleration.

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