What are the best ways to transport your expensive or fragile products

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What are Fragile Items?

Fragile items are anything that can break or shatter easily. These items range from glassware, ceramics to even musical instruments. Some technological items can also break by excessive shaking 一 and nobody wants that.

In fact, 34% of packaging-related returns are due to product damage. This means you’ll want to handle fragile items with extra care or you risk unhappy customers.

What are the best ways to transport your expensive or fragile products.

  1. Ensure your delivery, pallet, or box is packed correctly with secure packaging, and strong wrap. Always ensure the box is protected underneath.
  1. If there are any voids within your pallet or box (such as open spaces) ensure these are filled for extra security. Always add extra packing materials.
  1. One trick some customers like to use is to create a box within a box. Use cardboard to segregate different areas inside the main box. This will create smaller spaces which will give extra reassurance for your items (assuming they are small enough to this.)
  1. Label your box as fragile, and ensure it is taped securely with correct delivery, address and contact details. As your fragile cargo logistics service, we will already know what is in the contents of your box, but it doesn’t hurt to make this expressly clear on the outside of the box for everyone else to see.

When shipping fragile items overseas, be sure to keep in mind the following useful tips:

  • Always determine the value of the item accurately before shipping it
  • Be sure to consider customs duties and import taxes when shipping delicate items overseas
  • Always take into account the cost of legal paperwork and other charges
  • As every country has its own set of prohibited and restricted items, be sure to do proper research ahead of time to make sure your items can enter the country
  • Choose adequate insurance coverage before shipping your package
  • If possible, try to find a courier with pickup and delivery services to make life a lot easier
  • Schedule your shipment online to save a lot of time and effort on your end
  • Some fragile items need special handling, so be sure the courier you choose can accommodate them
  • Always be sure to know the destination delivery requirements of the package

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