Top Tips For Drivers Wanting To Return To Logistics

All eyes are on the transport logistics industry, as drivers enter and re-enter the industry through three major channels.

Whilst the temporary visa scheme and a significant increase in DVLA capacity for training new HGV drivers have been the subject of sometimes heated discussion between the government and major industry groups, there is also a third stream of former drivers who have been courted.

With all HGV driving license holders not already in the industry having received a letter about changes to the industry, here are some top tips for drivers who want to make a return to the industry.

Check with prospective employers as to whether they can help with the funding of these tests.

Renew Your License

Depending on how long you have been out of the industry, your HGV license may have run out and you will need to renew it through the DVLA.

There are two different forms depending on your age, with under 45s filling in D47PU and over 45s filling out form D47P, with the latter also needing to get a medical examination report from a doctor and in some cases an optometrist or optician.

If you need a new photograph or to register a change of name, additional documentation will be needed with this.

Update Your Training

Once you have your license back, the next step is completing 35 hours of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training to be able to drive professionally again.

Every driver needs to undergo 35 hours of CPC training every five years as a way to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge up to date and if you got your HGV license after 10th September 2009 this is the only way to renew your CPC.

However, if you initially got your license before then and have not taken the Driver CPC examinations, you can take the case studies and practical demonstration tests as an alternative.

Check with prospective employers as to whether they can help with the funding of these tests.