The Three Main Types Of Haulage

Transporting goods and freight across the country can be complex and require the use of efficient, effective haulage services.

Whilst there are many different companies that work in transport logistics and many of these specialise in particular services, from goods delivery to antique transportation, typically there are three main services that most logistics firms will offer customers.

Freight Forwarding

Typically specialising in moving cargo, freight forwarders are the intermediary between importers and exporters.

A freight forwarding service will set up the shipping network that will get goods from A to B, are often experts in handling customs documentation and ensuring everything is in order, oversee packing and can handle dangerous goods.

High-Value Secure Transit

Many items that need transporting are expensive, fragile or both, and so require the use of special secure transportation solutions.

These services typically involve more secure trailers which cannot be easily broken into, constant communication between driver, sender and receiver, and often include tracking to allow customers to see exactly where a shipment is.

In some cases, secure transit can also be used for otherwise difficult to transport items such as large musical instruments and fragile furniture.

Fast Freight Carriers

Fast freight is transport that provides fast point-to-point delivery in the same country, using a fleet of heavy goods vehicles and drivers that can move goods exceptionally quickly.

Typically these services are charged by size, weight and travel distance.

These can be one-off services or as part of a more regular supply chain, depending on the needs of the business taking advantage of the service.