Innovations Set To Take Logistics By Storm

Since the invention of the wheel, transport logistics has been an industry defined by evolution and change. However, the next decade may see some of the fastest and most fundamental shifts in the industry seen in a generation.

Due to pledges to cut carbon emissions in the UK, we have seen an acceleration in green transport innovations and technologies which focus on a wide range of industries, including road haulage.

As well as this, more integrated and advanced technologies have begun to transform logistics and make it even faster and more efficient than ever before.

Here are some innovations set to take logistics by storm.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The future of road haulage will no longer rely on diesel engines but will instead be electrified. Exactly what form that will take, however, was a matter of debate for a long time.

Currently, electric vehicles have an average range of around 200 miles before requiring a full charge, which is unsuitable to all but extremely short-range haulage journeys.

The long charge times are also a point of concern, with many hauliers simply not having the time to wait for their vehicles to charge

However, hydrogen fuel cells may be a solution by taking just a few minutes to refuel and providing the same environmental benefits of electric trucks so long as the hydrogen is generated sustainably as well.

Increased Use Of Location Data

Location data is a familiar feature on nearly every smart device, but this can be taken full advantage of to make logistics more efficient.

Routes can be tracked and optimised, and you can know in an instant the progress of a particular delivery with the help of location data technologies.