How To Return To HGV Driving

Over the past few months, the transport logistics industry has seen an influx of new drivers as well as the return of former experienced drivers wanting to return to the industry.

After an open letter was sent to everyone with an HGV licence, several former drivers have been convinced to return. But if you have an HGV license, took a break from the industry but want to return, here is a step-by-step guide to returning to the cab.

Renew Your License

Depending on when you left the industry, you may need to renew your license, the process of which differs depending on whether you are under or over the age of 45 when you renew.

Under 45s can fill out form D47PU, but drivers over 45 will need to fill out form D47P as well as have their doctor fill out a medical examination form (D4) to ensure they are fit to drive.

In some cases, you can continue to drive whilst waiting for your application to be processed by the DVLA.

Update Your Driver CPC

To get your CPC card up to date, you need to take 35 hours of CPC training. For people who haven’t completed Part 2 and Part 4 of the CPC test (ie you got an HGV licence before September 2009), you can take them instead of the 35 hours of training.

Any training undertaken in the last five years counts towards this figure, so if you recently left the industry any hours you did in the last five years still count.

Once you have your qualified time, you will need to renew your license every five years and take another 35 hours of CPC training.

Reapply For Digital Tachograph

As a newly re-qualified driver, you may also need to update your digital tachograph, which stores information about your daily workload, driving time, speed and distance, to ensure that drivers take the breaks they are entitled to and do not work beyond their legally allowed working time.