How quickly do your goods need to be moved internationally ?

How quickly do your goods need to be moved internationally ?

When it comes to speed, airfreight is, without a doubt, the fastest way to transport your products across long distances. For many businesses, shipping it is a question of time rather than money. If the consignment is urgent, choosing air freight instead of sea freight could make up for the potentially higher costs, as shipments by sea often take weeks and shipments by air often takes days.

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How important is it that your cargo reaches its destination in time?

When comparing the two, air freight tends to be the more reliable option for international shipping. Airfreight can get delayed due to poor weather conditions or other factors, but the airlines are very cautious about their schedules and often on top of them. As most airfreight flights run daily back and forth between major cities around the world, missing a flight doesn’t cause much of a delay for a cargo shipment.

Ocean lines tend to run on weekly schedules and the risks of something going wrong and the shipment getting delayed is considerably high. Missing a ship could place a shipment a week off. For many businesses a weeks delay could have serious cost effects.