How Do You Become A Lorry Driver?

Becoming a driver of heavy goods vehicles is one of the most unique jobs out there and requires a deep love of driving, being proactive and self-motivated, as well as a desire to see new locations every day.

Many jobs in transport logistics are unique, ranging from driving as part of a fleet to working as a sole trading owner-operator, but for the most part, the minimum you need to become an HGV driver is the same.

You need a full driver’s license, be physically fit and be over the age of 18, but as well as these you also need a Certificate Of Professional Competence, which allows you to drive a heavy vehicle on the road.

The CPC consists of four tests, which test your theory knowledge, ability to work through real-world situations, driving ability and ability to ensure that your lorry is safe on the road at all times.

This gives you a Driver Qualification Card (sometimes known as a Driver CPC card) which you must carry with you whenever you are on a job.

Once you have this, there are typically two paths to take. If you want to work as part of a fleet, there are job postings available on a range of job boards, some of which specialise in driving jobs.

However, you can also go it alone and work as an owner-driver, which requires you to register as self-employed, apply for your vehicle operator license (the O License), and buy or rent the right truck to serve as your huge mobile office.