How a no-deal Brexit could impact Britain’s transport services

The possibility of the UK leaving the EU after Brexit without an agreement on the country’s future trading arrangements is now becoming a very real option. And to ensure that goods and services can continue to flow freely across the UK’s borders, FTA, which speaks for the UK’s logistics sector, is urging the UK and EU-27 leaders, to prioritise the formulation of urgent and co-ordinated mitigation measures. These will need to be focused on trading areas which will not be able to function without agreements, like air freight and international haulage, to ensure trade flows freely after the UK leaves the EU.

A no-deal Brexit would require new agreements to permit trucks, planes and trains to cross our borders with the EU, to keep goods flowing and shops, factories, hospitals and schools supplied with the products they need. Border delays and disruptions, as well as additional costs and red tape are serious worries for FTA’s members, but the biggest showstopper of them all would be drastic reductions to the international movement of freight vehicles and planes.

Depending on the deal reached with the EU, the Government may decide to unpick the enormous body of UK transport legislation that is based on EU directives and regulations. In such circumstances, what would be kept and what would be scrapped? For example, will international hauliers have to learn two set of rules, one for when their trucks are in the UK and another for when they are in the EU?

Logistics underpins the whole of the UK and world economy. Production, manufacturing and retail are all only possible with the movement of goods. Changes the in speed, reliability or cost of logistics directly affect UK plc, and the cost of living of the people who live here.

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