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06 Jan
Quiet new year for post Brexit freight branded ‘calm before the storm’
Category: UK and European Groupage
An uneventful New Year’s Day has been described as the calm before the storm for the freight sector.
26 Dec
Freight Forwarder UK
Rising Freight Costs To Drive Prices Up For Imported Goods?
Category: UK and European Groupage
Consumers may see a hike in prices for imported goods in the near future, as a result of soaring freight costs and congestion charges
05 Oct
HGV’s will now need a special permit to access the county of Essex at the end of the year.
Category: Ocean Deliveries, Road Freight, U...
Michael Gove has announced new plans to keep congestion in Kent to a minimum at the end of 2020 when the EU transition takes place. The new plans will require all lorry drivers ...
15 Aug
How a no-deal Brexit could impact Britain’s transport services
Category: Air Cargo, Ocean Deliveries, Rail...
The possibility of the UK leaving the EU after Brexit without an agreement on the country’s future trading arrangements is now becoming a very real option. And to ensure that go...
10 Jun
warehouse storage
What are the main forms of warehouse storage?
Category: UK and European Groupage
There are 5 principle kinds of warehouse storage: Pallet racking Shelving Mobile shelving Multi-tier racking Mezzanine flooring Pallets, the most common and essential component ...