Biggest Container Ship In The World Reaches The UK!

Nearly half a kilometre long, the Ever Ace, the world’s largest container ship, docked in the Port of Felixstowe on the morning of Sunday 12 September, following its launch in August and its maiden voyage.

BBC News reports that the massive container ship is capable of carrying 23,992 containers, only 28 more than the next largest, the MSC Gulson, which last docked at Felixstowe two years ago. The Ever Ace continued its journey and on to Rotterdam on Wednesday 15 September.

The vessel weighs 23,579 tons, is 400m-long and 61.5m wide, and is the sister ship of the notorious Ever Given, which get wedged in the Suez Canal in March, disrupting shipping around the world. 

The operation in March to free the ship from the canal caused a backlog that delayed the journey of hundreds of ships, forcing them to take a longer route around the southern tip of Africa.

Due to the disruption caused, the Ever Given was held by Egyptian authorities for months, with its Japanese owner negotiating who should cover the costs of blocking the shipping lane for six days in March.

The Ever Given was released in July after the two sides reached an undisclosed deal, with the owner saying: “Our company… will continue to be a regular and loyal customer of the Suez Canal”.

The Ever Ace was launched in China in August, and despite being larger than the stricken Ever Given, managed to navigate the Suez Canal without incident on its first attempt. It arrived in Suffolk after leaving Hamburg.

Shipping giant Evergreen Marine plans to build 11 more supersized container ships.

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