Scania (Great Britain) Limited has become the first UK commercial vehicle organisation to achieve accreditation to ISO 45001, the international occupational health and safety management standard.  As such, all 46 service centres in the Scania (Great Britain) Limited network, (including Scania Vehicle Maintenance Units sited on customer premises), plus the company’s Milton Keynes Customer Support Centre are now operating in accordance with the parameters laid down by the standard.

Despite a population of just 5.5 million, Finland has one of Europe’s most developed biogas networks, with 33 public stations. Sixteen of these offer biogas in its purest form (CBG100) and 17 stations provide biogas blended with fossil methane. With such an excellent infrastructure in place, it was unsurprising that HAVI Logistics recently switched half of its eight-strong Finnish fleet to Scania biogas trucks. After all, HAVI, which delivers food to McDonald’s and other restaurants, is committed to phasing out its fossil-fuel operations under a Europe-wide agreement it made in 2017 with Scania and McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is reducing the carbon footprint of its restaurant operations, through biodegradable packaging materials, recycling and by expanding its plant-based menu options. But it relies on its partners to tackle transport-related issues, as Heli Ryhänen, Communications Director, McDonald’s Finland, explains. Many environmentally conscious transport companies are turning to Scania driver services to reduce their CO2 emissions. In the Netherlands, Germo Logistiek is partnering with FrieslandCampina to help keep the dairy giant’s greenhouse gas emissions equal to or lower than 2010 levels.

Scania Great Britain has sent out its hospitality trailer to serve complimentary refreshments to the truck drivers who are helping to keep the country moving.  A full menu of refreshments is on offer, including tea, coffee, mineral water and chocolate bars. With the majority of truck stops, cafés and roadside pull-ins closed around the UK, the simple matter of obtaining refreshments has become a nearly impossible challenge.

In Switzerland, Scania’s fully electric bus has been in service 15 hours a day since several months with the Baden-Wettingen Regional Transport Authority. Scania has now launched its Citywide e-bus on regular routes. With four-minute overhead charging at the end station, the bus can drive in a silent electric mode during the 12-kilometres route. “It runs without emissions and is very silent. So, it offers a great driving comfort and a reduced impact on the environment,” says RVBW’s Director Stefan Kalt. “We will definitely go for e-mobility. It will be our future.”

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